Monday, August 23, 2010

Soha Ali Khan is the Latest Victim of MMS Scandal

This news would surely bring lot of embarrassment to Saif Ali Khan little sister Soha. When it seems that people on the web are done searching for Heidi Montag Sex Tape, an new alleged video has surfaced and this time it is about the Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan.

Some websites on the web claiming that this video was shot when Soha went for a full body wax session at a beauty salon recently. Without permission and obviously without letting her know cameras were strategically placed in the room that recorded her in various states of undress and in some scenes, from close quarters, says the report.

Supposedly, the video shows her getting undressed and wearing a towel. Over time, her body is revealed. The salon attendant is then seen waxing her body including the bikini area. The video has been made into two episodes with "before" and "after waxing" shots.

It is said that the video has been altered to make it more kinky to get more price of it and add more to the humiliation and embarrassment of Soha. If things turn out to be true here than the salon where Soha visited is in real trouble however no official statement has been released by Soha or any website which claims to own this tape.

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  • August 23, 2010 at 11:49 PM
    it it is true then these kind of beauty salons hould be siezed and to be a taught such strict action that no1 else cand o such act
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